Roy Scheffers

Front-end Web Developer


Front-end Web Developer

with full stack capabilities

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Every project is unique and that's how it should be treated. Hi! My name is Roy Scheffers. I'm an enthusiastic, motivated, and high-performing team player who is passionate about front-end web development and is exploring full stack web development. I work with individuals and small businesses to make their next web project a success. By working with me, you will be provided with the skills you need and a service you can rely on.

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Assisting tech startups and businesses to realize their full potential and build the online tools they need to thrive.


I add value by understanding your needs and by contributing to the vision you strive to materialize. Circumstances are often unique and that's how they should be treated.


With over a dozen projects under my belt that use JavaScript, HTML and CSS, as well as React and Redux, I would be confident using any of these for future web projects. I strive to build apps that follow W3C standards while keeping mobile responsiveness in mind.


Setting up an application or web project is not a one-man show but a collaborative effort between a developer and the client. Good communication is vital.


Roy was very generous with his time and cared greatly to create a website for me exactly as I envisioned it. Even the ideas I brought forth he often improved upon by utilizing technologies/nerdy gadgets that I had no idea existed. I was especially impressed by his dedication to detail and his skill to make the website functional and beautiful on every mobile screen size known to man. Working with him was even a learning experience for me as much as it was fun and so far from stressful or overwhelming that I forgot I once thought website-building to be that way! I’m so grateful for his expertise and the extra help he often gave me. Zorana Telebak
Roy is such a pleasure to work with. Not only has he been providing me with excellent web development and design, he is incredibly kind, resourceful and offers really sound and encouraging support along the way.
Roy works fast, diligently and his email communication is stellar. He has such an honest and professional communication style that makes working with him a real delight. He takes great pride in helping complete a task, holding accountability and going above and beyond to make it that much better. Can you tell I am so grateful that Roy was referred to me ? He made the launch of my new site and podcast so much easier and exciting. Thank you Roy. You are a treasure! Julie Cusmariu
Roy is a pleasure to work with. I've hired him numerous times to help me with development tasks on my projects and he always delivers quality work. He's organized, thorough and has great communication skills and is an asset for any client or team. Andrew Sepic, Owner @
Think Up! Design
For a long time, I was searching for someone who can code my idea of a "custom SoundCloud-player" into reality. I wanted something really unique for my website. So, I posted my request on Stack Overflow. Roy was there to give me a helping hand. After giving him an approximate description of my idea and HTML and CSS code, Roy managed to come up with a solution very quickly. But implementing the solution on Jimdo was more complex than I thought. Roy offered to help and we continued via email to look for a solution. I was really surprised by his friendliness and courtesy. After a good talk, Roy had completed the animation of the player with a very complex script. The implementation was a breeze though. I just had to copy the code and paste it into the head area of my new Jimdo website and done! I was so amazed by his knowledge. He implemented my idea exactly as I imagined! I'm very happy and excited that my idea finally has become reality. Thank you, Roy! Janosch Lippert

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